Introducing: Japan Blue Jeans

This month saw the arrival of Okayama's Japan Blue Jeans to the store. A brand synonymous with Japanese selvedge denim due to both their name and position within the Japanese denim industry, being one of the major premium fabric suppliers to the industry.

Founded by Hiroki Kishimoto in 2010, Japan Blue Jeans is a celebration of meticulous Japanese craftsmanship paired with premium fabrics at a price point that is unrivalled.

Japan Blue Jeans feature the brands unique curved waistband. A feature that was designed to improve comfort and wearability as the waistband follows the natural shape of the body.

Japan Blue Jeans are sanforized and once washed at the factory which means they are ready to wear off the shelf and you can expect little to no shrinkage.

Our first delivery from Japan Blue Jeans focused on their core collection of indigo denim. With two fabrics available in three shapes.

14.8oz US Cotton Selvedge Denim :
Woven on vintage shuttle looms at a slightly higher speed for a tight & durable weave. The fabric is crafted with tough American cotton known for its durability and features a deep indigo blue warp yarn for that classic, dark denim look.

12.5oz African Cotton Selvege Denim :
Japan Blue's 'Vintage African' selvedge denim is crafted from soft and supple African cotton, known for its longer fibers. The unique blend of this cotton with naturally colored brown cotton results in a stunning "old-fashioned blue" reminiscent of the early 1900's denim fabrics.

Loose Fit :
One of the most relaxed, baggy fitting jeans we have in store, the Loose fit has a high rise with room in the hips and thigh. A wide fit all the way down to the hem.

Classic Straight :
A mid/high waist with a gentle taper toward the ankles. A well balanced shape that is both comfortable and stylish. Comparable to a classic Levi's 501 style.

Straight Fit :
Japan Blue's 'Straight Fit' is essentially a straight tapered fit. The style is clean through the hips following the natural leg-line to a slimmer leg opening and is the ideal candidate for moving away from slim jeans.

We also picked up two interpretations of classic military pants from the brand :
The M-65 Cargo Pants & Baker Pant's.

The M-65 Cargo Pants, originally designed for the U.S. military in 1965, have become a staple in both military and civilian wardrobes. Created to meet the demanding needs of soldiers during the Vietnam War, these pants are known for their durability, practicality, and versatility. The “M” stands for “Model,” and 65 denotes the year of its introduction, reflecting its military origins.

With reference to the original, the Japan Blue M-65 is constructed out of a lightweight & durable 9.5oz fatigue ripstop fabric. They are a wide leg pant with a deep rise and subtle tucks below the knee to ensure a neat fit.

A defining feature of the M-65 pants are their large cargo pockets. Originally designed to carry essential gear for soldiers, these pockets provide ample storage space, making them practical for everyday use. Further features include adjustable waist tabs and drawstrings at the ankles making them a truly versatile pair of pants.

Baker Pants, originally known as “Baker’s Trousers,” were part of the U.S. military uniform during the mid-20th century. Named after the standard-issue clothing provided to bakers in the military, these pants were designed for utility and comfort. Their practical design quickly gained popularity beyond the kitchen, becoming a staple for soldiers due to their simple yet functional style.

The standout feature of Baker Pants are their large patch pockets on the front and back of the pants for utility. Baker Pants are reknowned for their comfortability and soft hand feel as they are made from a sateen fabric which is characterized by its weft-faced weave, meaning that the horizontal threads (weft) float over the vertical threads (warp) more frequently. This results in fewer interlacings and a surface that reflects more light, giving it a satin-like sheen and luxurious feel.

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