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RATS was born in downtown Tokyo by founder Mano Katsutadashi in 2004.
Mano's influence on the underground culture and street style of Tokyo is undeniable having flourished during Harajuku's infamous 80's and 90's, running the streets with his 'Gamblers' crew and opening his own bar Hide and Seek where Urahara pioneer's such as WTAPS' Tetsu Nishiyama & Good Enough's Hiroshi Fujiwara would frequent.

Now nearing 20 years since it's inception both RATS and Mano are revered leaders of the Tokyo scene sharing the streets and collaborating with long time friends in Neighborhood, WTAPS, Undercover & more.

RATS is simply the reflection of Mano's philosophy and the way of life he leads. Tokyo style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are RATS products designed and made?

RATS products are designed in Tokyo and made in various factories around Japan. RATS are renowned for their use of stunning fabrics often 'original' which means they work with fabric mills to develop and create their own original fabrics for use in their seasonal garments.

What connection is there between RATS and other Tokyo streetwear brands?

RATS is headed up by Mano Katsutadashi, an icon of the underground Tokyo streetwear scene who has longstanding relationships with members of Neighborhood, WTAPS, Tenderloin, Good Enough, Fragment, Bounty Hunter etc.

Where is the RATS headshop?

The RATS headshop is located in the Ebisu area of Shibuya, Tokyo a stonesthrow from a handful of Tokyo's best stores including -Trophy Clothing, Studio D'Artisan, Tenderloin, Black Sign and Supreme.