Fullcount was formed in Osaka, Japan in 1992 by legendary Japanese designer and innovator, Mikiharu Tsujita.
Tsujita is heralded as the pioneer of modern Japanese denim where at a young age he engaged in the restoration and adaptation of vintage Japanese looms (used earlier for uniform production) and his extensive research on his own beloved vintage Levi's denim and extraordinary vision for Fullcount led to the use of 'long staple' Zimbabwean cotton. Organic, hand picked cotton with it's natural strength and softness would become a turning point in the history of Japanese denim and put the 'Osaka Five' including Evisu, Warehouse, Studio D'Artisan & Denime on the world map indefinitely. 

Prior to starting Fullcount Tsujita had been working with Hidehiko Yamane during the genesis of Evisu, which developed into a different beast entirely... Tsujita’s interest was always in classic, comfortable clothing and thus Fullcount was born.

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