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Japan Blue J504 Loose Fit Selvedge Denim - 12.5oz -Japan Blue - URAHARA

Japan Blue Jeans

Launched in 2010, Japan Blue Jeans are a relatively new entrant to the Japanese denim industry. Founded by Hiroki Kishimoto, the brand aims to blend traditional styles with contemporary needs, crafting jeans that honor a classic look while catering to the modern lifestyle. Japan Blue is committed to creating straightforward, high-quality clothing suitable for daily wear.



Rats is a Japanese streetwear brand with its roots firmly planted in the underground cultures of Tokyo's custom car, chopper, punk, and street scenes. Rats is headed up by Mano, an icon of the 80's 'ura-hara' movement having owned and operated the infamous Hide & Seek bar, a stomping ground for founding members of Bape, WTAPS & Neighborhood among others.The brand embodies the rebellious spirit of 'Rude Boys' from the 40s, 50s, and 60s and hits hard season after season.



the establishment of fullcount in 1993 was a defining moment in japanese denim history. Mikiharu tsujita, formerly a designer at EVISU, was able to replicate vintage levi's and american denim by utilizing hand-picked zimbabwean cotton and modifying vintage selvedge looms catapulting okayama, japan to the forefront of denim manufacturing. Fullcount trailblazed the path for brands such as Warehouse, Samurai, TCB jeans to follow in their footsteps. fullcount the jeansmaker.



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