Selvedge Denim Jeans

Japanese Selvedge Denim is what we do at URAHARA. 

From the pioneers of Japanese denim such as Fullcount and Iron Heart to the latest brands in Tanuki Eat Dust and Trophy Clothing we are lucky to have close relationships with the worlds best denim makers. Those relationships allowed us to develop our own range of Godspeed denim using original fabric's and hardware with in-house designed shapes that we know truly work for our customer.

All jeans purchased at URAHARA include our complimentary Chainstitch Hemming service using our vintage Union Special 43200g machine and our lifetime denim repair service using our Singer 47w70 vintage denim repair machine.

Quality selvedge jeans from the worlds best denim brands with our guaranteed service!

Selvedge Denim Jeans | URAHARA