Denim Repair

Darning is a unique type of mending that recreates the look and feel of denim fabric by weaving cotton thread back and forth across the tear or hole.

This is only possible using a special industrial darning machine such as the Singer 47w70.
Instead of placing a patch behind the hole and stitching over or around the patch we are trying to mimic the original woven fabric as close as possible, essentially creating a 'weft' and a 'warp' thread typical of denim fabric.

This style of repair is both stronger and softer to the touch which makes it ideal for the typical blowout areas of jeans such as the crutch or knee.

The possibilities are endless with the machine as artistic repairs are possible too. Using different colour threads, or a combination of interesting fabrics and patches you can also create a very repaired or Japanese style 'boro' repair.

The unique shape of the Singer 47w70's cylindrical arm means we are able to manouveur garments in a way that gives us the ability to repair areas of that are typically unable to be repaired by a regular flat bed sewing machine.

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