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From head designer & vintage clothing oracle Yohei Goto comes Jelado. A brand born out of an undying respect and desire for vintage clothing.

Goto started his own vintage store in his early twenties at the peak of the 'vintage boom' in Japan selling garments he collected personally throughout his trips to the USA and Europe. Inevitably the vintage scene would start to cool down and truly vintage clothing would prove difficult to find... Thus, Jelado was born.

Jelado would enable Goto to focus on recreating unique pieces from his ever-growing archive paying utmost attention to fabric, hardware and details while giving a modern attitude to the silhouette of the garments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jelado?

Jelado is a brand that combines Japanese craftsmanship with vintage Americana style to create high-quality and unique clothing.

With a keen eye for vintage styles of the past, Jelado doesn't simply replicate, they elevate and redefine them with unique reinterpretations. The result is a collection that seamlessly blends classic and modern aesthetics, creating true masterpieces of American vintage fashion.

Where is Jelado manufactured?

Jelado's garments are meticulously crafted in Japan with the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in the highest standard of quality.

What is sizing like for Jelado?

In general, Japanese clothing brands tend to run smaller than US sizing. It's important to check the brand's size chart and measurements before purchasing to ensure the best fit. Reach out to. us for any specific sizing questions!