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Iron Heart was formed in 2003 by Shinichi Haraki under the manufacturing company name Works Inc. Haraki San first started in the garment industry in Japan working for Edwin. Beginning as a pattern maker before working his way up to head designer for the company.

Iron Heart is heavily inspired by biker culture and is primarily a heavyweight denim brand with a strong focus on classic design, material and construction all made to the highest degree of quality possible. Best known for their 21oz Heavyweight Denim and Ultra Heavy Flannel shirts Iron Heart's over engineered clothing today is now held in the highest regard in the Japanese Selvedge Denim scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Iron Heart unique?

Iron Heart's unique features include heavyweight denim, meticulous construction, distinctive designs, and limited production runs. Iron Heart uses some of the heaviest denim in the world, between 17-25 ounces, which makes their jeans more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Additionally, their jeans are made with meticulous attention to detail and feature high-quality stitching, hardware, and other components, ensuring they last for many years with regular wear.

Is heavyweight denim comfortable?

Heavyweight denim can feel stiff and rigid at first, and may require a longer break-in period to soften and conform to the wearer's body. However, many denim enthusiasts appreciate the durability and unique texture of Iron Heart's heavyweight denim, and find that it becomes more comfortable over time as it molds to the wearer's body, similar to a good pair of leather boots!

Although Iron Heart are known for 17oz - 25oz denim, they also offer a variety of lightweight alternatives for those looking for a more comfortable break-in period.

What is the most popular Iron Heart fit?

Iron Heart's first fit of jeans was the "IH-634S" and remains one of their most popular styles today. It is slightly roomy in the hips and thighs, with a straight leg.
The fit is designed to be versatile and works well for a range of body types and personal styles.

Another popular style is the "IH-666" - a slim tapered fit from the brand's core collection. It is slim in the thighs and hips, with a tapered leg and narrow leg opening.
The slim tapered fit creates a more contemporary look than some of Iron Heart's other fits, making it a versatile option that can be dressed up or down.

Ultimately, the best Iron Heart jean for you will depend on your individual style preferences, body type, and needs. It's a good idea to do some research (or ask us!) and try on different styles to find the one that fits and feels best for you.