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Agaric Fly

Agaric Fly crafts hand dipped incense in Melbourne as a complimentary project to the legendary Wood & Co Coffee. Fragrances are designed in house by blending aroma molecules and natural oils designed to transmit real-time sci-fi sensory signals to the brain and spirit...

Set Agaric Fly alight and enhance alpha wave processing & create a deep ambient experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Agaric Fly made?

Agaric Fly is made in Melbourne using the traditional hand-dipped method and fragrances are designed in house.

What is special about hand-dipped incense?

Hand-dipped incense is often considered to be of higher quality than machine-made incense because of the care and attention given to each individual stick or cone. It's a popular method used by many artisanal incense makers around the world.

How long will an incense stick last?

Each incense stick will smoke for roughly 30 minutes. Do not leave unattended while burning.