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Trophy Clothing

Trophy Clothing is a brand dedicated to seeking to create and perfect modern garments while paying utmost respect to heritage. Founded in 2005 by Masaki Egawa, Masaki draws his inspiration from classic motorcycles and vintage workwear and he himself is a member of the Tokyo Indian's alongside designers from Neighborhood, Tenderloin & Rough and Rugged.

All Trophy Clothing items are made in Japan; from the fabric to the hardware to the design and construction. They are of the utmost quality.

Trophy Clothing's flagship 'General Store' is located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

“Our clothes are not complete at purchase; the more they are worn the more they fit their wearer. Our spirit of craftsmanship produces clothes that make history together with their wearer” - Masaki Egawa

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Trophy Clothing made?

Trophy Clothing produce all of their garments in-house in Japan, which allows them to closely monitor every aspect of production.

They take great pride in using traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques and materials to create high-quality garments.

Where is the Trophy flagship store?

Trophy Clothing has an beautiful retail space "Trophy General Store" located in Shibuya, Tokyo. In the same neighbourhood you can find other denim and menswear stores such as The Flat Head, Momotaro Jeans, and The Real McCoy's.

Does Trophy Clothing fit true to size?

Like many Japanese brands, Trophy may fit slightly smaller in comparison to standard US sizing.
We recommended consulting the size chart and measure yourself before making a purchase, or reach out to us at URAHARA and we will provide product specific sizing information for you!