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Rolling Dub Trio

Rolling Dub Trio is a premium boot and leather goods company from Asakusa, the old town district of Tokyo, Japan.
Founded in 2003 by Katsuya Tokunaga, Rolling Dub Trio is known for their unique and exquisite designs paired with superior leathers, parts and hardware. Their original leathers are sourced from the USA, Italy and Japan with hand finishing on all leathers carried out in Japan.
Each individual boot is then made by hand at The Boots Factory by Tokunaga and his team of highly skilled workers to the highest degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Rolling Dub Trio boots?

Rolling Dub Trio, a boot and leather goods company located in Asakusa, Tokyo, draws on the area's centuries-old tradition of high-end artisan boot making. They have garnered a reputation for crafting beautiful, one-of-a-kind unisex designs that feature premium horse leather and hardware.

How do Rolling Dub Trio boots fit?

Rolling Dub Trio are a Japanese boot brand that are built on heritage lasts so they're sizing is one size bigger than what you might expect. This is also true of other heritage boot brands.

You should purchase the same size Rolling Dub Trio boots that you would wear in White's Boots, Red Wing Boots, Wesco Boots etc.

You should purchase ONE SIZE DOWN from your typical US Sneaker size.

What is Horween leather?

Horween Leather is a type of high-quality leather that is produced by the Horween Leather Company, which is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The leather is tanned using traditional methods that have been refined over the company's more than 100-year history. The process involves soaking the hides in a series of natural solutions, such as tree bark and vegetable extracts, to preserve the leather and enhance its quality. The leather is then finished with oils, dyes, and waxes to give it its distinctive look and feel.

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