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Zerrows Sandals

Zerrows Sandals (a sub-division of Zerrow's Boots) from No Brand Co in Asakusa, Tokyo are some of the finest handmade Japanese sandals available.
Each pair of sandals is handmade by Japanese craftsmen and as such are individual in nature and will develop with wear.

We currently stock the Slit and Sabot style sandals in Latigo Natural and Latigo Black leather. Get in touch with us to talk about custom styles or leathers.

Available exclusively at URAHARA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Zerrows Sandals?

Zerrows sandals are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Japan using high-quality materials such as vegetable-tanned leather and Vibram soles, resulting in durable and comfortable footwear. Their sandals are known for their unique design, with a minimalist and timeless style that blends Japanese tradition with modern aesthetics. Additionally, the natural materials used in their construction are often more sustainable and environmentally friendly than synthetic materials commonly found in other footwear.

What is Vibram?

Vibram is a high-performance rubber sole known for its durability, excellent traction, and slip resistance. It is often used in high-end outdoor footwear and work boots due to its ability to withstand heavy wear and tear.

Can I order custom styles of Zerrows Sandals through URAHARA?

Get in touch with us to talk about custom styles or leathers available from Zerrows!