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New Arrivals

Shop the latest denim, clothing & apparel releases from Japanese designers including Fullcount, Trophy Clothing, Rats, Iron Heart, Addict Clothes, Jelado, Godspeed and the latest goodyear welted boots & footwear from Rolling Dub Trio, White's Boots, Wild Bunch, Suncore and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does URAHARA receive new deliveries?

Typically Japanese streetwear and heritage brands split their seasonal collection's into monthly deliveries over a 4-6 month period to alleviate pressure on manufacturing facilities and deliver heavier garments in colder months and lighter garments in warmer months. This is of course opposite for URAHARA as we are based in Melbourne, Australia. We typically receive new deliveries every week!

How limited are the products at URAHARA?

The seasonal products that we receive from our Japanese brands are very rare in nature. Often we are the only store outside of Japan that receives some garments and we might only receive 2-3 pieces.

With seasonal products especially we always recommend you jump on something you like as soon as possible as when it's gone, it's gone.

Core products like our selvedge denim jeans and jackets are always in production and we will always receive re-stocks though in recent years they are further and further apart with the pressure on Japanese manufacturing in the post Covid world.

Can I order something that I can't find on your store?

We will always do our best to get something in for you as we have good relationships with our brands and often other brands that we don't stock regularly in the store. Get in touch about anything you'd like to see and we can do our best.