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Tanuki Denim

Tanuki is a modern denim brand from Okayama, Japan with a passion for quality, construction and attention to detail.
The founders are Japanese craftsmen with decades of cumulative experience in the manufacture of Japanese denim and are masters of 'kibata' raw state denim.
Tanuki prides itself on mastering every level of the denim process and with their initial offerings have truly delivered a unique and beautiful range of denim products with their ability to control the tempo of their selvedge loom's and create unique fabric's.
Taking the past and looking forward Tanuki is here to maintain an art form.
URAHARA is proud to be the exclusive Australian retailer of Tanuki jeans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Tanuki denim?

A brand surrounded by mystery, Tanuki doesn't have any main office or headquarters. Instead, the people involved are skilled artisans spread throughout Japan who have worked together to create a product they believe speaks for itself.

What is special about Tanuki denim?

Tanuki work with Kibata (Japanese raw denim) and their concept is to bring back vintage fabrics that were appreciated for their texture but are no longer available. The fabric uses low tension weaving with slubby yarn to create a uniquely textured denim that looks and feels unlike anything else on the market.