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Radiall - URAHARA


Radiall is the #1 brand behind this store with our intention of introducing Tokyo's best streetwear brand's to Australia and the world. Whilst living in Tokyo in 2011, store owner Martin Kirby became part of the Radiall crew after visiting 'The Cornerstore' and having an instant affinity with the brand and it's members working on photography and music based collaborations with the brand.
Established in 2002 by Yoichi Takayama out of Kichijoji, Tokyo Radiall has it's roots firmly planted in the Japanese hot rod and custom car scene with inspiration for collections coming from 40's & 50's Americana and Californian surf & skate culture.
In 2013 Radiall launched their flagship store 'Doobies' in 'Cat Street' of Urahara, a space for label to showcase their culture and lifestyle on a bigger stage and was undeniably at the forefront of expansion of the Harajuku scene with flagship stores by Deus, Mr Brothers Cut Club, The Great Frog taking up residence nearby.
Endless collaborations with American icons in Eric Dressen, Ray Barbee, Jack Rudy, Von Franco, The Undead Smoking Club and a handful of American car clubs has cemented Radiall as one Tokyo's most iconic subculture brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Radiall from?

Radiall is based in the Urahara, 'ura' meaning 'behind' Harajuku, Tokyo's world famous fashion district. Home to some of the worlds most recognisable streetwear brands in Neighborhood, BAPE, Supreme, Carhartt WIP and more. Their current flagship store 'Radiall Headshop' is located just behind Cat Street.

What is Radiall style?

Radiall is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of modern amekaji or 'american casual' style with iconic pieces such as their Wool Car Coats, Rayon Shirts & Chainstitch emboridery jackets, shirts, denim and pants. This style of chainstitch embroidery on garments has recently exploded with brands such as Wackomaria, Supreme, Cherry and artists like Orville Peck taking notes on Radiall style.

How does Radiall fit?

Radiall is a Japanese brand with Japanese sizing so you should order the same size that you would from other Japanese brands. That being said many styles from their collections are directly influenced by the 40's and 50's with 'Radiall style' aka a chill, relaxed and comfortable lifestyle meaning that the clothes are slightly oversized and relaxed when compared to more heritage fitting brands such as The Real McCoy's or Warehouse.