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Belafonte is a Tokyo, Japan based clothing brand by designer Noboru Tanaka, a designer for over 25 years with a passion for true vintage and high end reproduction clothing.

Taking inspiration from his own personal collection of vintage garments Mr Tanaka and the team at Belafonte utilize their creative vision and design application to create their own interpretations of classic clothing pieces.

Made in Japan using the very best materials and facilities renowned for producing the highest quality garments, Belafonte truly is a brand that stands tall amongst the heritage & workwear scene.

Belafonte Ragtime Clothing - exclusive to URAHARA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Belafonte Ragtime Clothing?

Belafonte clothing is respectfully some of the nicest heritage inspired menswear to come out of Japan. Expect stunning fabrics, durable hardware and attention to the finest details on all garments. Stylistically the brand is comparable to The Real McCoy's, Freewheelers and Glad Hand but at URAHARA we think it rightfully stands out amongst the crowd.

How does Belafonte clothing fit?

Belafonte clothing is heritage in style so you should expect shirts, tops and jackets to fit slightly boxier and cropped in length in comparison to streetwear brands. Belafonte chino's, trousers & denim will have a higher rise sitting above the hips and will feature a straight or wide leg shape reminiscent of clothing from the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.

Where is the Belafonte flagship store located?

The Belafonte flagship store, Alter E-Go, is located in the Sendagaya district of Tokyo amongst a handful of Japan's top tier fashion brand's offices and department stores including Neighborhood, Ron Herman, Captains Helm, Carhartt WIP & more. The store is a short walk from Harajuku and Urahara and is closeby to our favourite Afuri Ramen.