Menswear for Women

In a world where fashion knows no boundaries, women have been increasingly exploring the realm of menswear to express their individuality and style. We understand that personal style is not confined by traditional gender norms. That's why we offer a unique collection of jeans, outerwear, shirts, pants, and more from menswear brands that are truly unisex in nature. Whether you're looking for a perfect pair of jeans that fit just right or a timeless, classic jacket that complements your wardrobe, our selection has something for everyone. 


Menswear-inspired fashion isn't just about borrowing from the guys; it's about embracing a versatile and effortlessly chic style that transcends gender lines. We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to curate their own fashion narrative, and women who choose to incorporate menswear pieces into their closets can unlock a world of sartorial possibilities. From finding the right fit to styling your outfits in a way that's uniquely you, we're here to guide you through the exciting journey of blending traditional menswear elements with your personal style. 



When we think of women in jeans we think of classic photos of Marilyn Monroe wearing Levis 501's. A timeless look, achieved by wearing a mens fit. While there has been many iterations of the 501 jeans over the years, 50's and 60's style was ultimately more unisex friendly. Jeans were cut with a higher rise, a fuller fit through the thighs and a wider leg than its modern counterpart.

Many Japanese denim makers seek to reproduce this style in some form, taking inspiration from this classic, and interpreting it in their own way with the utmost skill and craftsmanship. Some great options we offer in store are:

TCB Jeans 60's Mid Rise Taper: Inspired by 60's Levi's and crafted from beautiful San Joaquin valley Californian Cotton, this fit offers ample room through the hip and thigh with a gentle taper towards the ankle.

Fullcount 0105 Wide Selvedge Denim: One of our best selling jeans in store, the 0105 is our go to offering when people ask us for a wide leg jean. It works for a variety of body types and the high rise provides a flattering, yet casual silhouette.

Radiall 350B Straight Fit Denim: A classic straight leg jean that sits above the hip, with just a little extra room in the top block, lending itself to genderless style.

Big John Ivy Selvedge:  Based on 60's Ivy style, these jeans from Japans oldest denim brand are narrower through the leg and have a more tailored look, which can be dressed up effortlessly.




There is an effortlessness that comes from women in menswear. A slouchy sweatshirt, a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up or an oversized shirt untucked in summer. Classic menswear pieces have a particular ease and casual sensibility that extrude comfort and style. So much so that the chicness of women in menswear has now had an influence on mens style to start wearing looser fits, prioritising comfort over "skinny fits" and embracing a slightly roomier wardrobe.




There are a number of factors that come in to play when selecting the right size in menswear. Men's and women's clothing sizes are typically based on different measurements, so it's essential to consider these variations when selecting each item. Sizing can also change considerably between brands and styles, so we measure each size individually in order to provide the most accurate size chart for each garment.

Finding the perfect fit might require a bit of trial and error. If you can try on items in-store, it often involves experimenting with multiple sizes to find the ideal fit. For online purchases, we recommend measuring a similar well-fitting item you own and comparing it to the size chart for that specific item. 

In some cases sizing is irrelevant. When in comes to wearing menswear it can be less about what size is 'correct' and more about styling and aesthetics.

We encourage our customers to reach out for assistance with measurements, as we can provide additional product-specific sizing info to facilitate your purchase.


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