Fall 2024 Looks

With Summer winding down and Autumn creeping in, the weather's all over the place, making wardrobe choices a daily challenge. We're constantly tweaking our outfits to handle the unpredictable shifts in temperature and mood swings of Melbourne's weather.

So, we've gathered up some killer looks from our store, mixing and matching to fit whatever the day throws at us. It's all about staying stylish while rolling with the seasonal punches, and our crew and friends are right there with us, showing off their own style in the process.

Steve wearing Addict Clothes ACVM Nylon Fatigue Jacket Addict Clothes ACVM Nylon Fatigue Jacket

First up is Steve wearing one of the most versatile pieces in store; the the Nylon Fatigue Jacket from Addict Clothes ACVM range. Lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to stow away when the sun comes out, if there ever was a perfect jacket for Melbourne's erratic weather,  this is certainly a strong contender!⁠⁠
Inspired by the tropical jungle fatigues of the 1960s, this jacket reflects a rich history of military wear adapted for modern use. Designed for durability, breathability, and comfort in humid environments, features include ample storage and wide sleeves for layering. Japanese brands often reinterpret military designs with contemporary touches, enhancing functionality and style. Brands like Visvim, Neighborhood, and WTAPS have similarly drawn inspiration from military archives, infusing traditional designs with modern materials and aesthetics to create versatile, high-quality garments. 

Ten Box cardigan Japanese styling on women Ten Box Cardigan designed by Mr Pigu

Next is Naho wearing the El Prado Cardigan from Tokyo’s TENBOX, a loose fitting 7-gauge knit cardigan inspired by brand director Mr. Pigu’s time spent in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

The relaxed cut and unique design elements give this piece a comfortable feel without sacraficing style. A real hero piece that compliments just about any wardrobe rotation, this knit can be worn year-round.

The brand itself was founded in 2017 by Mr. Pigu and his right hand woman Caori, both former members of the renowned label Beams Japan, as a way to not be bound by working hours and to freely explore their creativity through eccentric designs and limited quantity products. TENBOX has garnered a loyal following both in Japan and abroad, and we're proud to be the exclusive retailer in Australia.

Radiall Inna De Yard Mohair cardiganRadiall Mohair Cardigan Styled with Rings and Evisu Denim

Joe wears the the Inna De Yard Mohair Cardigan from our most recent Radiall delivery. Woven using a blend of mohair and wool, it has a soft, hairy handle and features a 50's custom argyle pattern. Mohair is known for its unique breathability that makes this piece super versatile throughout all seasons.⁠

We have limited quantities in both blue (pictured) and black, with Joe here pairing his cardigan perfectly with some vintage Evisu jeans that were hemmed and repaired in store.

Check out our Knitwear & Sweatshirts page for our full range of cardigan options from the likes of Rats, Addict Clothes, Fullcount and more.

Fullcount Flannel Shirt with Fullcount Army Chino in beigeWarehouse loopwheeled tee with fullcount flannel check shirt, Fullcount army chinos

A good flannel shirt works both as a lightweight jacket in summer and a cozy mid layer through the colder seasons. Luke wears the Original Check Cotton Flannel Shirt form Fullcount, paired along with with a few of his own pieces from Warehouse and Ebbet's Field

The shirt features a traditional large check pattern with a super soft hand feel, and is woven in Japan on vintage shuttle looms, so you know you're getting quality. Cut to a classic boxy shape, the silhouette gives off a classic heritage vibe while the ivory-coloured buttons contrast nicely against the Orange and Muted Purple check.

Belafonte Ragtime Clothing Type 1 selvedge denim jacket, TCB 50's high straight jeans Joe wearing Belafonte Ragtime clothing G506J Selvedge Denim Jacket

Double denim and a crisp white T-Shirt is on rotation for just about all of us at URAHARA. While some people are hesitant to don the Canadian Tuxedo, it can quickly become a wardrobe staple year-round once you find the right combination. It's all about getting the cut that works right for you.

Joe shows us how it's done with the Belafonte Ragtime G506J Denim Jacket, a solid take on the classic Type 1 from the early 20th century. It's shorter in length than its modern counterpart and has a slightly boxier shape, similar to the very jackets that popularised the style thanks to the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean. Worn here in period correct style with the TCB 50's XX High Rise Straight, a wonderful reproduction of the classic Levi's 501 from that era.


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