Rolling Dub Trio Lineman III Boots - Dark Beige Suede

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  • Rolling Dub Trio 'Lineman III' Suede Boots.
  • Upper - Nakamura-sen Nosuke Shoten special suede.
  • Lining - Kip Lining.
  • Outsole - Vibram USA #1276
  • Heel Height - 15 mm.
  • Norwegian Welt
  • Oiled with The Boots Factory Boot Oil and brushed.
  • Made in Asakusa, Japan. 

 From Rolling Dub Trio - 

Lineman boots that have been in the lineup since the beginning of the brand. These are our 3rd version and are always evolving. This season the Vibram #1276 outsole is used, making it a more suitable item for streetwear.

These boots continue to evolve to support even harder environments.

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