Mount Sunny "Wind Guard" - Immunity Boost Blend

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  • FOCUS: Immunity Boost (120 capsules)

    Wind Guard strengthens your immune system to fight against unwanted pathogens that cause sickness. this formula is your guard to help protect your body from the inside out by giving strength to your inner and outer defenses.


    • Reishi (ling zhi)
    • Astragalus Root (huang qi)
    • Turmeric (yu jin)
    • Siler (fang feng)
    • Baked Licorice (zhi gan cao)

    *Gluten Free, Vegan

    For Best Results

    Take two (2) capsules, twice a day, after eating. Store in a cool and dry place.

    Body Balancing Blends

    Our proprietary range of Body Balancing Blends targets the body’s immune system, energy levels, and stressors. Created by our licensed practitioner, they contain adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that have been deemed safe for every day, regular use.

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