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Lay Day Premium Instant Coffee - Dark Roast (90g)

Lay Day Premium Instant Coffee - Dark Roast (90g)

Lay Day

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Product Description

-Lay Day Premium Instant Coffee.
-Single Origin.
-Papua New Guinea coffee beans.
-Smooth yet intense flavour.
-105g / 35 Cups.
-Ethically sourced.
-Roasted, brewed and freeze dried in New Zealand.

Scoop 3g of coffee (just under a teaspoon) into a mug and pour 200ml of very hot (not boiling) water into your mug. Stir well and add milk if desired.

Lay Day instant coffee is more dense than commercial instant coffees. Therefore only 3g (just under a teaspoon) of Lay Day coffee is all that is needed per cup. Don’t worry though, there will still the same amount of caffeine and plenty of flavour for your morning brew!

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