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Lay Day Coffee

Lay Day Coffee is Melbourne brothers Ed & Tom Langdon, who are on
a mission to make a premium instant coffee thats affordable and ethically sourced. The Coffee is roasted in Auckland, New Zealand using arabica beans that are sourced from Papua New Guinea. The beans are roasted with instant coffee in mind creating a strong taste without the bitter after-taste.

Lay Days tins are 100% recyclable and the labels are made from 30% post-consumer waste and are also recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lay Day coffee produced?

Lay Day Coffee is made in Melbourne, Australia using ethically sourced, high-quality coffee beans. They work directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure fair prices for their products and promote sustainable practices in coffee production.

How does Lay Day compare to other instant coffees?

Unlike large-scale instant coffee companies that prioritize high yields and concentrations, Lay Day Coffee prioritizes quality and flavour by brewing at lower concentrations. This allows Lay Day to maintain a superior taste that is not compromised by cost-saving measures. Additionally, Lay Day use 100% arabica beans (a superior coffee bean variety to its cousin the Robusta bean) that has been graded as speciality (above 80 pts on the grading system). This ensures they are using the best quality coffee to start with.

Is there a special way to brew Lay Day coffee?

Lay Day coffee is more dense than commercial instant coffees. Therefore only 3g (just under a teaspoon) of coffee is all that is needed per cup. Scoop into a mug and pour 200ml of very hot (not boiling) water into your mug. Stir well and add milk if that's how you roll!