URAHARA Journal - Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Moc Toe Boot

We have a received the first of our winter deliveries from Rolling Dub Trio. 
This delivery includes the Stan chelsea style slip-on boot and the Coupen Moc Toe Boot, new to the store for 2023.
Both boots available in their Oil Black Chromexcel leather from the famed Horween Tannery of Chicago, USA.

The brand has developed a devoted following due to the difficulty of securing a pair of their boots outside of Japan, and we are proud to be exclusive retailers for Australia. Production runs are short due to the level of detail and scrutiny placed on each pair by a small team that individually hand make the boots.

Introducing the Coupen Moc Toe Boot.
Rolling Dub Trio's
version of the iconic moc toe boot is a stunning example of a modern everyday shoe with a nod to the history and heritage of the style.

The moc toe boot, also known as the moccasin-toe boot, is a type of work boot that is characterized by a distinctive seam that runs across the toe, resembling the construction of a traditional Native American moccasin. The boot was originally designed as a practical work boot for blue-collar workers, especially those working in the farming, mining and construction industries where durable footwear was essential.

Its rugged, utilitarian design appealed to both workers and the fashion conscious and the moc toe boot became a popular choice for everything from outdoor work to casual streetwear. Today, the moc toe boot remains a staple of American workwear and is produced by many of the same companies that pioneered the style, including Red Wing Shoes, Thorogood, and Chippewa.

Rolling Dub Trio would go on to create and perfect arguably the most stylish and well-made iteration of the style ever.



Featured from Rolling Dub Trio :

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