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Our first delivery from Tokyo's Liberaiders is available in-store and online now!

Liberaiders  is the brainchild of Mei Yong, the worldwide general agent behind Japan's FUCT SSDD, the co-founder of the motorcycle brand PAWN NOMADS, and the partner of the American luggage brand BRAVO.
Born in Beijing and moving to Japan in his teens, Mei Yong spent his formative years working in a record store, absorbing cultures through the abundant music resources and soon discovering skateboarding, graffiti and surfing through travels to the USA.

A chance meeting with graffiti artist and designer Erik Brunetti (founder of streetwear label FUCT) lead to the two working together and opening a new chapter in Mei's life.

After working with various labels on the famous Ura-Harajuku, Mei established Liberaiders in 2017.
Using photography to record his travels, Mei draws from vast subcultures that go on to inform the brands design and express his philosophy.

The idea behind the name "Liberaiders" is to break free from established concepts and create unique value through creativity and innovation, while also having a sense of adventure and "raiding" new ideas and inspirations.



Featured from LIBERAIDERS :

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