Introducing: The Strike Gold

Created by the Tohru Hamamoto of Okayama, the denim capital of Japan, The Strike Gold boasts over two decades of Japanese denim-making expertise. The brand is revered for their ultra textured, slow-made fabrics utilised stylishly and combined with custom hardware and intricate details.

Drawing inspiration from the 1950s, and revitalising traditional techniques from the turn of the century, The Strike Gold catapulted from relative obscurity to a realm of enigmatic allure in the early 2000's.

Specialising in selvedge denim jeans that will have unique fade potential, we are beyond excited to have The Strike Gold among the denim lineup at URAHARA.

We launch The Strike Gold with two stunning fabrics both available in Straight and Tapered shapes.


'Keep Earth' Series

17oz ultra-textured fabric woven from 100% organic virgin cotton & recycled cotton yarns, meticulously blended to create an incredibly unique fabric.

The yarn's are rope-dyed using a 100% natural indigo dye resulting in a richly textured, deep coloured yarn that forms the foundations for exquisite ageing.

The 'Keep Earth' series is breathing life into the possibilities of sustainable and environmentally conscious production in high-end denim manufacturing.

The Strike Gold Jean Keep Earth
The Strike Gold Keep Earth Staright

Classic Series - 15oz Classic Selvedge Denim

The Classic Series is The Strike Gold's signature fabric that is woven with a unique Grey weft and Indigo warp combination giving the fabric a deep, dark hue of indigo that is simply unparalleled. 

To touch, the fabric has a familiar 'classic' denim type feel with a slightly uneven texture making for a unique yet classic pair of jeans.

The Strike Gold Jean Grey Weft Fit Pic


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