Introducing: Button Works

Button Works stands as a premier accessories manufacturer in Japan with a global reputation. Meticulously delving into the historical production techniques and materials associated with accessories like buttons, zippers, novelty goods, and snaps; once secondary elements in workwear, the company resurrects these elements for the contemporary era, presenting noteworthy products within the apparel industry.

Our first shipment from Button Works introduces handcrafted Silver Necklaces featuring original buttons from early 20th-century workwear, including those unique to 1940's Levi's and 1920's Sweet Orr Overalls. Each piece is encased in 925 Sterling Silver, featuring Button Works' iconic triple-drop logo engraved on the back — a symbol representing "crystals of blood, sweat, and tears." This insignia embodies the unwavering dedication and commitment the company invests in its manufacturing processes, reflecting a genuine investment of heart and soul.

The Mercury dime silver coin, produced from 1916 to 1945, is said to be the most beautiful design of all American coins. Featured heavily across the Button Works range, these coins are either carefully polished and mounted with original Button Works pendants, or transformed into an Apollo-type concho, soldered with silver jumpers, smoked, and polished, resulting in a truly unique piece.

As you wear it, you'll appreciate how it evolves over time.

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